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Short-term Xchanging for hosts

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  • The Room Xchange is excited to announce a new tech update! We are now offering short-term Xchanges! This will now give hosts the opportunity to experience an Xchange without a long-term commitment up front. There are a number of benefits to short-term Xchanging so keep reading to find out more.

    You can now Xchange for as little as a week or two. It’s completely up to you. There could be a number of reasons why you might only want to Xchange for a short period of time and we’ve outlined some of them below.

    I don’t know if I’ll like having someone in my home.

    We all get used to our own way of living. Although you might need some help around the house, you might not be sure if you would feel comfortable having someone in your home ongoing. When you find someone on the platform you like, you can decide to Xchange for a week and get a feel for what it will be like, the benefits of having some help and if it’s worth giving up some privacy. Be mindful, that it’s really too different to having a flatmate. A flatmate pays to live at your home. An Xchanger pays with their time.

    I’d like to Xchange with someone long-term but what if we don’t get along?

    Where in the age of the sharing economy but not everyone has shared their home with someone they don't know before. A family member here and there is doable but let’s face it, its not always pleasant, but you put up with them as they’re family. But having a guest in your home who you might decide to have there for a while, needs a bit more comfort before making the decision. The guest needs some comfort too as it will become their home for the agreed time. Therefore, Xchanging for a week gives both parties the opportunity to stay with each other, get a feel for the rhythm of the household and how they feel about sharing the space together. It also gives the guest the opportunity to meet the other members of the household and ensure that everyone is comfortable with each other.

    I only have a few things I need help with that won’t require someone long-term.

    You might already have someone helping you clean your house and minding your children and don’t need someone on an ongoing basis. You might just have some projects around the house you need some help with that may only require a short-term Xchange. They could be getting your clothes ready to sell on eBay, establishing a vegetable garden or writing some blog or social media content for your business.

    Have a think about what you need to have done around your home that only requires a short Xchange. Pull out that ‘to do’ list and see which ones you’d like to tick off.

    Here’s some ideas with suggested length of stay to get you started:

    • Sort out the garage – one week
    • Prune bushes, trim trees and establish a vegetable garden – two weeks
    • Babysit my kids for a full night on a weekend – two nights
    • Photograph my clothes and list them on eBay – one week

    These are just a rough idea of how much time you might offer in Xchange for some odd jobs around your house. It’s completely up to you of cause and what you offer will depend on the response you’ll receive from guests. Also, make sure you update your profile in the ‘Additional Information’ section to show that you’re just looking for a short-term Xchange.

    We’ll be updating the profile area as well shortly to add some additional options for short-term Xchanges. We’ll let you know when they’re completed. In the meantime, just add in your 'Additional Information' section that you are wanting someone for a short-term Xchange such as one or two weeks. (See image below)

    In the meantime, happy Xchanging! If you have any questions, you can book a call at any time with our customer care team.

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