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Short-term Xchanging for guests

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  • The Room Xchange is excited to announce a new tech update! We are now offering short-term Xchanges! This will now give guests the opportunity to experience an Xchange without a long-term commitment up front. There are a number of benefits to short-term Xchanging and we know it’s going to get you very excited. 

    You can now Xchange for as little as a week or two. It’s completely up to you. There could be a number of reasons why you might only want to Xchange for a short period of time and we’ve outlined some of them below.

    I’d like to Xchange with someone ongoing but what if we don’t get along?

    It can be a little nerve racking moving in with people who you don’t know. But let’s face it, it’s not that different to moving into any other houseshare. But we still want you to feel confident and happy about where you’ll be staying. Xchanging for a week or two with your potential long-term host, can solve this problem. It gives you and the members of the household an opportunity to get to know each other see how you feel about sharing the space together. It also gives you time to see how you feel about the expectations of the host and how that might fit in with your university or work schedule.

    I travel a lot for business and I’d like to stay with another business person on my short trips.

    We have a lot of business men and women who like the idea of staying with another person in business when travelling for work/business. It provides them both with the opportunity to share ideas, network and Xchange knowledge with each other. Business trips are generally short in length, so short-term Xchanging is an ideal opportunity. Make sure you mention you’d like to Xchange business ideas and knowledge as part of your Xchange contribution.

    I’m travelling around the country and I’d like to stay a week at a time at different locations.

    You might be travelling around Australia and like the idea of staying at each location for a week at a time. When you create your profile, make sure you mention in your 'Additional Information' the locations you’d like to travel to and that you’d like to stay for a week at a time.

    I’m not keen on doing domestic chores but I have some superpowers I could share.

    Not every guest is keen on doing housework or childcare but will have some superpowers they’re happy to Xchange. These superpowers are vast and are only limited by what you’re capable of doing. We need to state here that they cannot involved any tasks that require a licence or are considered to be a profession such as plumbing, electrical, business or medical advice. Any sharing of knowledge, connections, skills or languages, for eg, are fine. The opportunities are endless!

    It’s free to sign up and you only pay when you start your first Xchange. We have a special offer for short-term Xchanges right now of just $25 a week. If you’re Xchanging for two weeks, make sure you head back into your profile after a week and book the additional week. We’ll be updating the profile area soon with some additional features to make this process simple.

    In the meantime, happy Xchanging! 

    If you have any questions, you can book a call at any time.

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