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Matchmaking Service Connects a Business Couple with a Photographer

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  • Sally, our Guest, has been living with my partner Dave and I for three weeks now, and it has been fantastic! She is the best; lovely to live with, an exceptional cook, and we all run our own businesses which provides plenty of great dinner table conversations.

    Just six weeks ago Dave and I were apprehensive about finding the right person. We wanted someone who was happy to cook vegan meals for us and who would be lovely to live with - but how to find them?

    The Room Xchange’s Matchmaking Service did all the work for us, taking the stress away.

    We explained our individual personalities and what we are like as a couple, the way we like to live, and what we were looking for in a Guest. It was clear from the first conversation that they really heard and understood us, and were genuinely invested in making sure we found the perfect match. They were helpful and super friendly, answering our numerous questions about what’s it’s like once the Guest moves in; what are the expectations on both sides? What is the best way to manage and communicate with the Guest? That initial call with the Matchmaking Service made us relieved; we were clearly in safe hands!

    Within weeks we received a call to say that they had found a potential match, and told us about Sally’s personality, situation, and what she was looking for in a Host. 

    They were open and direct in talking about the potential things that might mean we were not a match, which was very helpful, and asked if we would like to have an initial conference call with Sally that they would facilitate.

    We said we would, as did Sally on her own call with them, and a time and date was set.

    They coached us to prepare questions for the call, and then facilitated the whole conversation with Sally. They made sure we discussed all the potential red flags on that call, which cleared the air and set the tone of honest, open communication - which is very important when living with someone! 

    We are lucky that Sally herself is an incredible communicator, and we always endeavour to be, and every day since Sally has moved in has been fantastic - you should taste her cooking! 

    We're all introduced

    After that call we were asked if we would like to be introduced to Sally via email, and said we would. Sally said the same on her end, and after being introduced by the Matchmaking Service we organised a dinner together, under their guidance.

    After that dinner Sally and ourselves were called separately to ask how we felt, how it went, and whether we thought we would like to live together. Both parties said yes, and it’s been absolutely fantastic since.

    What was so helpful was that because the whole process, right until the end, was facilitated, it was easy for us to say ‘no’ at any point if we felt that way, without having to do the challenging thing of telling the person themselves. As it turned out we said ‘yes’, but knowing we could say ‘no’ easily made the whole process so much nicer.

    A bit about the Hosts and Guest

    Catherine and David are busy young professionals, both running their own businesses. Catherine helps CEOs and professionals write great books, and David runs the Melbourne-based digital marketing agency SIXGUN.

    Sally, their Guest, also has her own business as a very talented wedding photographer in Melbourne. Banner image by Sally Batt Photography.

    Written by Catherine Moolenschot.

    You can find more  information about our Matchmaking Service on our blog.