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Online Information Session

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  • The Room Xchange is hosting an informal, online information session, so you can learn how to get back more time by using resources that already exist -time and spare bedrooms. Many of you are stressed right now with far too much on your plate. We're juggling work, kids, relationships and many of you don't have any time left for yourselves. Then we have guests who are looking for alternative ways to live, reduce their living costs and live closer to study and work. There is the win-win.

    REGISTER HERE - it's free to attend on Monday 31st August

    The Room Xchange is a platform that connects busy households with a spare bedroom with guests who provide an agreed amount of help in Xchange for living costs. You and the guest decide the arrangement based on needs and availability.

    Do you need help at home?

    Have you asked yourself lately - 'I wish I had an extra set of hands?' If the answer is 'yes' and you have a spare bedroom then let's put it to use!

    Are you wanting to reduce your cost of living?

    Have you been looking for a new way of living? - If the answer is 'yes' and you like the idea of Xchanging your time for living expenses, then let's get you started.

    REGISTER HERE - it's free to attend on Monday 31st August