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Eltham Bed and Breakfast and Author come together via The Room Xchange

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  • We asked our Airbnb Hosts, Grant and Robyn Taylor along with their Guest, Tracey Hunt, to share their Xchange Stories. Tracey is Xchanging in their home in Eltham which is also has an area listed on Airbnb. They were having trouble managing it on their own so they decided to use their spare bedroom to get the help they needed. In this article, you’ll hear about what it’s like to Xchange and how it’s changing the way they live.

    Hosts – Grant and Robyn Taylor and their adult children

    I am 64 years old and retired from the workforce last year after running a financial services business for over 30 years. My wife Robyn and I have raised 6 kids who are now adults and we have two still living at home. One is in 3rd year Law and is going to live in Germany for six months from July. Ben, one of my twins runs a personal coaching/gymnasium business from our home. Robyn is a Home Care worker and loves looking after our seniors and the sick in our community (she doesn’t need to go out of the gate to do this!).

    After we set up our Airbnb listing  our daughter had heard about The Room Xchange and suggested that we check it out to see if there is someone we could get in to help with the work. Our Guest, Tracey, has created a situation where we can see ourselves running this business for a long time as she has taken away some of the more mundane work from us.

    Tracey is a single woman who is wanting to develop her own business and is now able to do this from our home in combination with helping us manage our Airbnb property. She helps us out for 14 hours per week in Xchange for her food and accommodation and it’s great to know that when we have guests coming to stay, everything is as it should be and we can concentrate more on our guests and their experience.

    We had a very interesting experience on the weekend where a guest had requested a small gathering during the afternoon on Sunday however, this very quickly became more than we had anticipated. We had to sit over 50 people to watch a wedding video, get the technology working, provide tables for food and drinks and then clean up. It was organized chaos for a while but with Tracey’s help, we were able to create a wonderful afternoon for the newlyweds and everyone had a great time.

    If you enjoy people and are happy to expect the unexpected, then it’s a great way to use resources, meet new people, try new things and open up a new world of friends and family. We don’t see too much downside and the new freedom we have from our new home based business lets us enjoy this even more.

    Guest - Tracey Anne Hunt

    Tracey A Hunt Everything is better in your pjs

    I moved from Perth to Melbourne recently. I did house sitting when I first got here, which was a great way to get to know the different areas of Melbourne. However living out of a suitcase and changing homes every week or so played havoc with building my business. Each time I had to move I’d lose time away from the projects, which pushed my schedule out.

    At the time I was also writing a book and some house sits weren’t conducive to a great work environment. Then there were the gaps in between house sits as well and wondering where I’d stay each time.

    Luckily I discovered The Room Xchange on Gumtree when I was updating my housesitting ad.

    I’ve now been living with my host family since April this year. It is glorious to have a permanent spot, not moving every week and I’ve achieved more in my business in one month than I had in the previous six months put together.

    Living as an Xchanger has allowed me to complete my book, release and launch it. Things are on a roll with my first major event ‘Mums Home Based Business Expo’ which just recently happened in Melbourne. 80% of vendors booked, interest for the Perth, Sydney and Brisbane events have been hot too. I cannot believe how fast things are moving now and it wouldn’t have happened without The Room Xchange.

    I’m getting to live in a beautiful location (country style living in the city) and with a lovely family. Robyn, Grant, Ben, Jo, Winnie and Coco have made me feel very welcome as have each of their friends that come to visit. They’re a real caring, genuine mob. It’s nice to have philosophical conversations, share experiences and stories, socialise over a glass of red or just chill in front of the telly with the family.

    I’m able to help them out with their BnB and Glamping Area. They’re absolutely gorgeous spaces which means they’re booked often. It’s my role to get them ready for each new guest, making beds, cleaning the BnB house, glamping up the tent, outdoor bathtub, fire pit and outdoor kitchen.

    Clearly, I’m comfortable here because my dorky sense of humour has been on show. Sorry Robyn and Grant if I shock you with my wicked wit!

    I’ve already recommended The Room Xchange to various friends, both Hosts and Guests. Life has become incredibly busy for everyone, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. The Room Xchange concept could help make things a little better for you on how you do things day to day. I highly recommend it as it will #ChangetheWayYouLive.


    Matching their entrepreneurial pursuits has been a great experience for Grant and Robyn’s family and Tracey. They have many things in common in regards to building and growing home based businesses. They both have a need that has been fulfilled and get to utilise existing resources to make that happen. Grant and Robyn have used their spare bedroom to house and feed Tracey. Tracey uses her time instead of her money to provide her a beautiful living experience. This is the kind of win-win we aim to achieve. Having said that, not every house is like this one! Tracey certainly has hit the jackpot.

    If you’d like to change the way you live and work you can find out more information throughout our website on becoming a Host or a Guest. If you’re just curious at this stage you can request a copy of our information pack when you join our community, and/or attend live, online events where you can find out more. However, if you’re ready right now, just let us know and we’ll start looking for the perfect match for you.

    Kind regards,
    The Room Xchange Team

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