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Australian startup shaking up the housing crisis

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  • It’s a little known secret that the cost of living and housing in Australia is on a continual rise. The effects of this can be seen across the country and through all walks of life.

    For years, people have been happy to share their things with family, friends or even a neighbour in need in order to reduce costs. Not surprisingly, more and more are seeing the benefits of this living style in many aspects of their lives and choosing to adopt a share economy approach.

    With an increased shortage of affordable housing up and down the country the share economy or new Xchange economy is a solution to this problem. Although it’s hard to believe there is such a shortage given that there are 7,000,000 houses with empty rooms in Australia. So what is the solution to this problem?

    The Room Xchange has the answer.

    We aim to match people who need cost effective accommodation with people who are looking for help around the house to gain back some personal time.

    A simple, yet effective solution where Hosts requests a couple of hours a day to help them around the house in exchange for food and accommodation Hosts are asked to offer their room to a Guest in Xchange for the contribution of time.

    Ludwina Dautovic, The Room Xchange Founder and CEO, says: “We all lead busy lives, so why not trade that empty room, which is a cost centre, for some time? Whether it’s cleaning, shopping, cooking or gardening, this Xchange is a win-win for everyone. We give Hosts their precious time back and for Guests they can exponentially minimise their cost of living.”

    We see The Room Xchange as a solution to minimise the gap between available empty rooms and those who are looking for cost-effective living, ultimately impacting the evident housing crisis.

    Who wouldn’t want that?!.

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