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Aged Care in Australia with Danielle Robertson CEO DR Care Solutions

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  • Welcome to Xchange Revolution. In this episode we're talking about the current state and the future of aged care in Australia. My guest is Danielle Robertson, founder of DR Care Solutions, providing tailored care solutions for people ageing, their carers or guardians.
    We discuss how aged care in Australia needs to change, the needs of the elderly and how we need more options in the future for people choosing to age at home.

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    In this episode we discuss:

    • Dial an Angel was founded in 1967 by Danielle's mother
    • Aged care in Australia has changed
    • Caring for the carers
    • Ageing at home
    • Post retirement considerations
    • The Room Xchange provides a good first step for socialisation and companionship
    • Aged care, Covid-19 and the Royal Commission
    • Casualisation of the workforce has forced workers to go from one aged care home to the next
    • We need to improve training and offer more qualifications
    • Europe is progressive in regards to aged care
    • The story of 91 year old Maggie on The Room Xchange
    • Elderly have stories and wisdom we need to embrace
    • Find out how Danielle Robertson is changing the way she lives

    About Danielle Robertson

    Danielle Robertson was CEO of DIAL-AN-ANGEL®, Australia's only national group specialising in Home and Family care and support services for all types of care.

    After almost 29 years in the family business (17 years working in the business and 12 years at the helm of DIAL-AN-ANGEL), after a transition period, Danielle exited the business when it was acquired by Nextt Health in September 2014. Danielle’s areas of expertise include health care, aged care, disability care, retirement living, childcare, executive mentoring, family business, and medico legal costing, assessments and court expertise.

    After navigating DIAL-AN-ANGEL through accreditation for NDIS and Consumer Directed Care (CDC) she has a broad and comprehensive understanding of the industry and the relevant, and often complicated, Government legislation associated with it. Having worked for the largest provider of in-home care services in Australia, she has significant hands-on experience managing the day to day operations as well as the strategic board level negotiations.

    Danielle is offering her 34+ years extensive experience to the care industry, offering assistance to quality care service providers, financial advisors, accountants, lawyers and private clients. Navigating the Aged Care system to obtain the right care solutions and outcome for the client is Danielle’s main driver.

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    Facebook - @DRCaresolutions
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