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Is work life balance achievable?

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  • In this highly connected, digital world, is work/life balance really accessible? Add to that the additional pressures of the high cost of living and you've got work and life moulding into one. 

    Data from Australia's Welfare 2017 revealed that 20 per cent of men and 7 per cent of women worked 50 hours or more per week in 2015. These numbers were a decline from 2004, however, the report also illustrated that "if an individual's preferences did not align with their working hours, they reported lower levels of satisfaction and poorer mental health," Barry Sandison (director of the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare).

    Evidently, most individuals are working harder and longer hours and not necessarily because they want to.  In a lot of cases, people are either paying off their mortgage or trying to save up for a deposit on a home as soon as they can and for good reason. Homeownership rates amongst millennials, 25 to 44-year-olds, are on the decline and reports have shown that it may take up 4-8 years to come up with a 20% deposit on a house depending on which state you're buying in. Therefore, many people are increasing their hours at work in the hope they will eventually own a home for their family. This is when the balance between work and life may becomes a blur. Time to relax eventually becomes a scarce luxury and the stress begins to accumulate as work flows into the home-life and more often than not, the living room.

    So how can you get more balance and reduce stress in your life? You could meditate, better manage your calendar, take a social media sabbatical or hire someone to help with things around the house. But alas, that costs you more money.

    The Room Xchange
    may be the right solution. It's an online marketplace that connects you with guests who can provide two hours of help around the house each day in Xchange for food and accommodation. Guests can take care of the menial, yet time-consuming household tasks such as mowing the lawn, laundry and even preparing meals. This will reduce that 'to-do' list allowing you to come home after a long day at work. You still might sit on the couch and catch up on some work emails, but at least you're not also having to do the housework. With the added support your guest can provide you with, you can regain that balance and take control of your life again.

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