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Is this the Airbnb for backpackers?

A new share economy player has entered the market, offering guests free rooms and food in exchange for household chores.

The start-up called The Room Xchange, was created to give backpackers a room and food in payment for up to 15-hours a week of housework.

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Melbourne startup The Room Xchange offers users rent-free accommodation in exchange for completing chores

A Melbourne entrepreneur is set to launch a new platform offering users rent-free accommodation in exchange for helping out around the place. Instead of paying for the accommodation, users will complete chores around the home instead in exchange for food and the room.

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The Room Xchange on SKY NEWS Real Estate

The Room Xchange on Sky NEWS Real Estate

Ludwina Dautovic, Founder & CEO of The Room Xchange, was asked to be on SKY NEWS Real Estate to discuss how The Room Xchange could be a potential solution to the ever increasing housing shortage impacting Australians.

Points discussed included; how it worked, different tasks that could be to Xchanged security, and managing expectation, how to utilise your spare room in Xchange for food and accommodation

The Room Xchange really could change the way we live.

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‘You can’t buy experience’: meet the online entrepreneurs in their forties

Ludwina Dautovic isn’t shy about starting a tech business at the age of 50. The former marketing and media head said the fact she only first used the Internet at the age of 30 doesn’t mean she can’t succeed with The Room Xchange. After all, she’s been in love with computers ever since.

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